“For everything there is a season,” we are told by the author of Ecclesiastes, known as The Preacher, “and a time for every purpose under heaven.”


That reminder of the power of divine order allows us to release whatever anxiety or sense of deadline pressure we may be inflicting on ourselves today.


We plan, schedule and make commitments as we interact with others at home, on the job, or elsewhere.  Indeed, it may be necessary and important that we do so.  But we must remember always that it is not for us to decide what may be appropriate to the ‘season’ that today represents.  We may be trying to plant on a day meant for harvesting.  We may be lost in regret on a day meant for healing.


Our feelings, intentions and plans are not wrong.  They may just be inappropriate to the energy of the day.  We must always, in the midst of our planning and commitments, allow our intuitive guidance from Spirit to show us just what our purpose in this particular day might be.


Today I joyfully and gratefully release my expectations and affirm my Oneness with the Presence and Power of God, flowing through this day and defining the spiritual season.  Thank you, God!

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