Mustard Seed

Jesus often called his followers to have just a mustard seed of faith, promising that its tiny energy would transform their lives.  It’s important for us to realize today that we do, indeed, hold that tiny seed of faith within us.  

There have been days in the past when we have doubted it was there, but today we need no longer doubt.  The simple fact that we have paused for this moment of prayer tells us that at least the tiniest speck of faith has taken root in our consciousness – and that, Jesus assured us frequently, is all it takes.  From the tiny seed of faith the most amazing and miraculous growth can unfold.


It’s not always easy, and it’s not without its setbacks.  The apostle who represents the power of faith is Peter.  We’re told that his faith was strong enough to allow him to walk on the water as Jesus did.  But this demonstration of the power of faith frightened him into losing his faith, and he began to sink.


We, too, may feel ourselves sinking from time to time, frightened by new spiritual possibilities.  But always the Presence of the Christ is within us, restoring our faith and sending its energy ahead as we move forward to new possibilities.


Today the Christ of God expresses through me as faith, and I willingly follow where my faith directs me.  Thank you, God!


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