Our prayer focus for today is love.  We take this moment to realize that God is love, and therefore love is as omnipresent in our lives as God is.  Love is the energy of the universe.


Do I feel a lack of love in my life today?  I know in truth that it is not love that is lacking, but my openness to it, my willingness to allow the great power that love is to express as me, free of my feeble attempts to gauge it, control it or direct it.


If I am feeling an absence of love, there is a foolproof, guaranteed remedy.  If I offer love to someone or something else, I will feel its energy move through me.  It may be a friend, a family member or a stranger – or a pet, a plant or a beautiful sunset.  The more I find to love, the more loved I feel in return.


I dedicate today to appreciating the possibilities of love in my life.  I extend love out at every opportunity, knowing that it returns to me tenfold.  God is love, and love is the energy of my life today.  Thank you, God!

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