“I am free, I am unlimited; there are no chains that bind me.”


These simple, powerful words from a Unity song by the Reverend Janet Manning contain the essence of all the work we are here to accomplish in this shared human experience.  Whatever challenge we may be experiencing, whatever lessons may be demanding our focus, we must start with the realization that we are free.


If we are free, why does every spiritual process begin with a dimension of surrender?  Because a full human experience requires us to be aware of two levels of existence at once.  In Truth I am free, but in the illusive world interpreted by my five senses, I may be trapped by old behavior, or addicted to a sense of hopelessness and despair.  Only by surrendering on this level can I allow the full freedom of my spiritual Self to emerge.


I AM free, I AM unlimited – right now!  I do not earn freedom or seek it.  I simply claim it as the truth of who I AM.  And I allow my freedom as a perfect child of God to transform my life.  Thank you, God!


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