Justifiable Anger


As we look around the world today, enduring reports of local crime and global conflict on television newscasts, it often seems that the simple power of love is in short supply.  But if “God is love,” and God is an omnipresent energy, then it cannot ever be in short supply.  Something must be blocking it from expressing.


Can we identify one common thread to every expression of violence, fear and bitterness from those on both sides of every current conflict?  I think we can, and I think we could accurately define it as justifiable anger.


The process of justifying justifiable anger is becoming one of our favorite processes of self-deception.  They – whoever in the world “they” may be in any specific instance – are wrong.  And therefore my anger, my bitterness against them, is totally justified.  And the step from bitterness to violence is a small step indeed.


The problem here is not that justifiable anger is wrong.  That would be exactly the kind of judgment we are trying not to make – a judgment that would create even more justifiable anger, this time against ourselves!  The problem is that justifiable anger doesn’t work.  It doesn’t resolve any bitterness; it simply increases the negative energy already present.


Jesus addressed the issue head on in his Sermon on the Mount.  “You have heard it said ‘an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth;’ But I say to you, love your enemies, do good to those who persecute you.”  Justifiable anger was an understandable response at an earlier stage on our spiritual path.  It must now be left behind if we are to truly claim our power to create a new dimension of consciousness.


Why should we love our enemies?  Because it’s the most effective, efficient response we can make to any situation.  It immediately brings the Power of God into play.  We become healers instead of judges or punishers – and we also become the greatest beneficiary of this new consciousness.


Today let us choose to release righteous anger whenever we are tempted to indulge it.  We center ourselves in the heart, and we respond to everything the day may bring with the indwelling Light and Power of love.  Thank You, God!

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