Heart Memories

As we try to stay centered in these challenging times, contributing positive energy to dissolve the negative appearances that surround us, we realize more than ever the importance of our own thoughts.  Making conscious choices – and nothing today is more important – requires a new awareness and appreciation of our own mind.  But for most of us, it’s totally unknown territory!  There is much we need to know (or remember) about how to put the power of consciousness to work.  

Have you ever tried and tried to remember something, without success?  Only to have it come immediately to mind as soon as you stopped trying so hard, and simply relaxed?  There’s an important lesson in that process.


The intricacies of the brain respond best to an energy that is stress-free and relaxed, not to the tense demands of the intellect.  In fact, the clearest channel to the depths of the mind is through the command center of the heart.  Centered and at peace in its energy, we easily access not only our own finite mind, but the infinite power of Divine Mind as it infills us.


Today, as I rest in the energy of the heart, I appreciate the wonders of my mind.  I affirm that I remember, I understand, and I express myself perfectly.  In releasing all tension, I free the infinite power of consciousness to express my thoughts of peace into the world.  Thank You, God!

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