Being Creative

We sometimes speak of creative gifts, as if creative abilities are something given to some people and not to others. How often have we heard - or perhaps said of ourselves - “I’m not very creative.”  

In fact, each of us is as creative as the God in whose image and likeness we are eternally being created. Our creativity is not just a gift, it is the essential definition of who, in Truth, we are.


We are complete expressions of all God is; and our role is to allow the creative power of God to work through us, bringing substance into manifestation as the world around us.


How do we create? We create through the thoughts we hold in mind - the thoughts we empower through our focus and belief. Every thought we so empower becomes a creative expression.


We are truly Spirit Expressing. In the arts, in our work, our families, our appreciation of the natural world, we are one with the creative power of God. With this awareness comes a new opportunity - to carefully and lovingly create from the divine ideas of the Christ within us.


Today I accept responsibility for the creative power of God working through me. Today I choose to source my creativity with the Divine ideas of Christ. Thank You, God.

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