The Joseph Perspective

As change expresses in my life faster than I would choose to experience it, or as change refuses to happen when and how I want, it is easy to find myself wondering, “Will this all ever make sense?”  

No one could claim the role of victim with greater justification than Joseph in The Book of Genesis. Betrayed by his own brothers, falsely accused, unjustly convicted, abandoned in prison for many years, his life might truly have seemed chaotic and in flux.


Joseph, however, never gave way to anger or despair. He held the high watch throughout, always eager to do his best in whatever situation presented itself. When the clouds finally lifted, and he found himself in a position of great importance, able to save all of Egypt from starvation, he was finally able to catch a glimpse of the grand design. “You meant it for evil,” he told his brothers, “but God meant it for good, that many thousands might be saved.”


Today, no matter what is or is not happening in my life, no matter how confused or illogical it all may seem, I affirm that God means it for good. I embrace whatever is mine to do today, knowing that the grand design - of which I am an essential part - is always unfolding in the Mind of God.



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