The Spirit of Truth

How can it be that we have come to think of Jesus as someone full of warnings about eternal damnation and accusations of sinfulness, ordering us to stop having fun and start fearing God?


Nothing could be further from the loving, affirming Jesus Christ we meet in the pages of the Gospels. Jesus saw good even in people who could see no good in themselves. He saw his followers with all their weaknesses, their hard-headedness, their apparent inability to grasp his teachings, and he loved them and believed in them.


“I have yet many things to say to you,” he says near the end of his ministry, “but you cannot hear them now.” He was not blind to his disciples human limitations.  But he also knew that the ultimate outcome of spiritual challenges is assured.

“When the Spirit of Truth comes” he promised, “…He will take what is mine and declare it to you.”


The promise is clear and unqualified. The Spirit of Truth will come, simply because we are open to its arrival. We do not have to hunt for it, or earn it. We simply have to hear the Truth - and the Truth is that the fullness of God that Jesus demonstrated is the truth of who we are.


Today I look beyond my human limitations, of which I am always aware.  I see and appreciate the Spirit of Truth that sees in me the Christedness of Jesus.  Thank You, God.

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