A great sense of seeking after something has been a trademark of our recent spiritual endeavors. We seek after God, we seek for a sense of identity, we seek after secrets of life.  

This great expenditure of energy spent seeking is apparently nothing new. A century ago, in Lessons in Truth, Emily Cady was concerned that it might become counter productive. “I believe,” she wrote, “that too much introspection, too much ...spiritual seeking, is detrimental rather than helpful.”


What is the alternative? Let the Power of God in the universe do the seeking. “Know once and forever,” Dr. Cady tells us, “that you are not seeking God, but God is seeking you.” And since the Presence of God is to be found within each one of us, we begin to understand the Truth behind the great Biblical injunction, “Be still and know that I am God.”


Today I turn to the I AM of my being, the Presence of God within me, and I allow it to express in my life. With God as Love and Light within me, I AM complete. I need not seek, but only be. Thank You, God.

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